Tourism in Tunisia

Over past a few years, Tunisia has popular itself as one of the many extraordinary elegance and greatest tourism places in the world. You name it and Tunisia has it! Whether you are viewing forward to actually shore holidays or recreational trips, you’ll get everything here. Besides, one can find voyage physical activities holiday seasons and Tunisia celebrations that could be enjoyed by every body. A lot more than anything and what amazes professionals about tourism in Tunisia is a few of the most unbelievable archeological services. Many of the heritage lovers will likely see Tunisia being an astonishing spot to discover the rich heritage to the present world. A few of the main archeological websites in Tunisia that you will find of any matter of curiosity for you personally are described here.

Amphitheatre of El JemEl Jem continues to be an amusement for various tourists in Tunisia. This is highly addictive and prominent archeological websites in Tunisia and brings a polish to sell my home tourism in Tunisia. El Jem contains alone ruins of a typical main colosseum of North America. It truly is this idea place that continues to be an issue of concern if anyone is, especially those who are fascinated by analyzing and yearning about archeological services and heritage of your place. El Jem is a thought of majestic Roman civilization preeminence in addition to glory and we’re devised in third decade. This can be a huge round-shaped amphitheater whom utilized to hold 35000 viewers. Generally there are many archeologists as well as other tourists who can in truth think satisfied in the rich heritage of El Jem.Medina of TunisFrom twelfth decade to firmly 16th decade, Tunis has survived from the wealthiest and greatest Islamic urban places with the shape of Hafsids and Almohads. This is often again possibly one of the noticeable traveller areas in Tunisia. Medina of Tunis refers to itself around 700 age-old monuments.

Each of these monuments incorporate water fountains, mosques, mausoleums, palaces and madrasas.Website of CarthageCarthage was contained in 814 B.C. This is usually a ultimate example of city of times of yore. The magical creator in this old metropolis as we Dido. The girl appeared to be also the emperor of the city in each century. The city of melbourne had remained an land of fabulous refinement. Carthage had two huge harbors that are involved over a duct.Ichkeul Subject ParkThe tremendously tranquil and delightful Ichkeul Resident Square is actual as a considerate society heritage location. All of this fantastically still and poised lay contains in itself Lake Ichkeul and also Jebel Ichkeul Mountain tops. All of this notorious archeological site in Tunisia is actually a nest of more than 200000 bird species whom move here during summers. Besides, you can also find several of the other accepted animal variety for example wild boar, drinking water hoodwink, mongoose and porcupines.

That is a tremendous holiday goers place in Tunisia location people will encounter an face along with mother nature.Medina of SousseSousse has got absorbed a well known Islamic village and later was converted into armed forces and alternate write. Inside the initial regimes, Sousse had played a crucial function in being the coastal justification of Tunisia.In addition to each of these amazing sites in Tunisia, holiday makers can journey the various other most tremendous archeological areas inside this add.

Tourism in Tunisia has remained a subject of great appeal to many people. There are some of the most fantastic locations in Tunisia that can be explored by people. The archeological sites in Tunisia remain a great appeal for many people.

Mysore tourism

The beautiful city of Mysore is located in the State of Karnataka and enjoys a prime location. It is one of the famous tourist destinations in Karnataka. The city is popular for its beautiful culture and traditions. In a nutshell, Mysore is a city which has many attractions to serve its tourists with. No whether you are youngster to aged one, if you are planning to visit this city then make sure that you have plenty of time to explore this city as this city has many tourist attractions. The best feature of this city is that one will never find a scorching weather in any month of the year. So if you are planning a trip to Mysore, then you can visit in any of the month in which you have vacation and explore this city.

Mysore is adorned with some of the great tourist attractions like The Mysore Palace, St. Philomena’s Church, Shri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery, The Mysore Zoo, The Chamundeshwari Temple, etc. Trip to Mysore is considered incomplete without visiting these attractions. Mysore is dotted with some of great destinations which make it a perfect tourist destination in India .

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You can also get a customized holiday package for Mysore and select the places that you want to see and type of accommodation of your own. TravelHot ensures that these Mysore holiday packages that are offered here will turn out your Mysore trip to be one of the most memorable trips of your life. It is a good idea to have holiday package for trips as they help you to enjoy hassle free vacation. If you want to have hassle free holidays in Mysore then go for a holiday package for Mysore at TravelHot that suits both your expectations and budget. I am sure that with the holiday packages that are offered at TravelHot for Mysore, your trip will leave with good memories that you will cherish forever.

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Tourism Rising


Tourism Marketing is defined as the enabler of a country to invite guests from different cultures, customs, traditions, to enjoy their rich culture, heritage, cuisines, art and architecture, entertainment and hospitality. 

Tourism Industry is the largest employment generator in the world. We find that small countries like Malaysia and Singapore woo  millions of foreign tourists and bag billions of foreign exchange. India has been lagging behind so far, due to innumerable reasons.

Now India tourism receipts show better stats. India received $ 15 billion and Kerala received $ 3 billion. India, who houses rich tourist locations, have so far been at the bottom of the World Tourism Receipt countries and does not figure in the top ten. This is mainly because of the step daughterly treatment Tourism Industry got from the country’s planners. It was only last year that the Government allocated 1000 crores in the Indian budget for the Tourism sector.

United States lead with receipts of over $ 100 b. Spain is second with 60 b, Germany, UK and China are about 40 billion. 

Tourism infrastructure should be improved in India, if India is to exploit the full potential of Tourism. India at the moment receives 5 million Foreign Tourist Arrivals and earns more than $ 15 b in forex. Domestic tourists have gone up to 200 million. This low rank of India, when compared to other countries, is due to the lack of vision of the Indian authorities, who considered Tourism as a pastime for the rich !

Tourism is actually Recreational Therapy. When the mind is fed up with daily chores and hard work, a vacation becomes the need of the hour. People prefer beaches and backwaters and the mind finds relief in vacational experiences !

Kerala was an unknown destination, till the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, promoted it. Kerala is promoted as Green and Cool, in contrast to the hot and dusty India !. Kerala is totally different from the rest. She receives seven months of continous rainfall, almost 3000 mm of rains per year, and is full of greenery, and looks like a Paradise on earth.

India at the moment has a poor marketing image and she has to improve her marketing efforts. Tourism Marketing is different from other forms of Marketing and needs a well integrated marketing approach. You are marketing a country and Positioning and Promotion are twin eyes. It is integrated with leisure, entertainment, transportation, communication and all service sectors. The whole process has to be revitalized and a full fledged marketing process should be undertaken. The same old Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning method can be used in this form of marketing, to bring home the bacon.

India possesses everything. The rich cultural heritage, sprawling deserts, highest mountains, sculptures, temples, palaces, delicious cuisines, rare mixture of life style – all these make India a Cross Cultural Paradise on earth. The Private Sector should work with the Government to make India a great destination for the traveller. 

We have lost this massive golden opportunity for the last 53 years and should not do so in the future, which belongs to China and India. This decade will see the emergence of these two giants, the Dragon and the sleeping Elephant !





Kayak Tourism in Vietnam

Halong Bay

Just over 100 miles east of Hanoi in northern Vietnam, Halong Bay is famous for its dramatic rock formations. With thousands of limestone karst rock islets soaring from its waters along with caves, mangrove forests and sandy beaches, the bay offers spectacular kayaking opportunities.
Caves give way to hidden lagoons, channels are bordered by tall cliffs covered in lush, green vegetation and locals sell crafts and snacks on small boats around the bay. Many people choose to stay on a traditional junk boat in Halong Bay and take day trips by kayak to secluded lagoons, caves and floating markets. The best time to visit is October to June, but kayaking is available year round. Halong Bay is connected to Hanoi by bus and taxi.

Ba Be Lake

Located in the Can Province northwest of Hanoi, Ba Be Lake is the centerpiece of Ba Be National Park. Surrounded by tall
limestone cliffs, the shores of the 4-mile-long lake host traditional villages inhabited by ethnic minorities making their
living farming and fishing. The tropical forest in the surrounding park is home to 300 wildlife species, including one of the world’s rarest primates, the snub-nosed monkey, and more than 400 plant species.

Kayaking is usually offered as part of a tour of the national park, which also includes biking and visiting traditional villages. Kayak tours include paddling on the Nang River followed by an entry onto the lake through a striking 100-foot-high, 1,000-foot-long cave. The bus ride from Hanoi to Ba Be Lake takes six to eight hours.

Mekong Delta

Probably the best known waterway in Vietnam, the Mekong Delta is actually fairly new in the kayak tourism industry. The
locals have been paddling these rivers and canals for centuries using their famous stand-up paddle method, but most tourists view the region from larger boats.

Located to the south of Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, the Mekong Delta has a flatter terrain than the destinations to
the north. The river is lined with farms and towns and river traffic is high in some areas. A network of tiny canals cuts through the water plants on the banks, leading to small villages and floating markets. You can kayak along the Mekong, staying the night in small guesthouses along the way. If you join a kayak tour, you will be able to visit local farms, gardens and homes. Many tours also use a larger boat with sleeping cabins as a base.

Perfume River

Located about 600 miles south of Hanoi, the Perfume River winds its way through verdant tropical forests dotted with ancient pagodas and the tombs of several Nguyen emperors, including Gia Long and Minh Mang, to Hue on Vietnam’s eastern coast. In addition to the tombs and pagodas, kayakers can visit a traditional bronze casting village and Sinh village with its rustic paintings. Bicycle trips just off the river visit sites such as the Royal Tiger Arena, an historic animal fighting place, and Emperor Tu Duc’s tomb.

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Kerala Travel and tourism

Kerala the land-living of nature’s assorted beauty call scores of tourists from numerous parts of the world. Kerala is one of the most amazing, attractive and famous visitor’s destinations of India known for its scenic beauty. Tourist from many parts of the world visit Kerala to spend outstanding and unforgettable vacation. The spiritualist beauty of this state lies in its excellent beaches, assorted floras and fauna, hills stations, and also the most amazing is backwater. Kerala beaches and backwaters is the most superb instant with your family, friends, life partner and relatives.
Kerala is also known as the God’s own country. Kerala has affluent, aromatic and gastronomic tradition. All type of human diseases problems gets alright by Ayurvedic treatments. Kerala Ayurvedic treatment is famous all over the world. People from overseas come here for the treatment of their problems. Ayurvedic treatment brings stability in brain, body, and core and also in human heart.
Wildlife in Kerala fascinates natural world lovers from overseas world. Eravikulam National Park, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, Wayananad Wildlife Sanctuary and Idukki are the most well-known wildlife destinations of Kerala. Also the hill stations of Kerala have a superb beauty which attracts people to stay there for a long time. From wildlife to charming panorama. Rivers brook and tea and coffee and variety of spices for which Kerala is famous for and a multiplicity of attractions are accessible at Kerala hill stations
Kerala is the most erudite and literate state in India. Some cities in Kerala have 100 percent literacy rate. It is also notorious for its backwaters, foothill or mountains, coconuts, spices and art variety like Kathakali and Mohini Attam. The state have many museum contain  very well collections of bronzes, ornaments, carving and temples and also various type of arts and crafts. Rajput, Mughal and tanjore schools paintings are demonstrate in the museum. Kerala has a variety of folk and ethnic music which is very much popular in Indian cinema. The culture of Kerala is combined and sophisticated to which numerous people have made their momentous assistance. 

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Los Angeles Tourism

Los Angeles is one of the famous and one of the populated city in the world. It ranks 16th place in world largest city. According to US 2010 census its population is 8,175,133 and it’s area 790 square kilometre. Los Angeles is one of the famous city around the globe whoever visit’s USA majority of people do visit this city. This city is also famous for tourism and it is also the biggest industry in Los Angeles City. Tourism is a big industry in Los Angeles. An official advertising and marketing company for Los Angeles NYC & Company states that top visitors from around the globe in 2005 were 1,169,000 from UK, 815,000 from Canada, 401,000 from Germany, 299,000 from Japan, 292,000 from Italy, 268,000 from France, 253,000 from Ireland, 235,000 from Australia, 205,000 from Spain, 148,000 from Greece and 147,000 from Netherland.

Los Angeles houses many places to visit within the city many tourists come to Los Angeles specially to see its beauty and various places. There are many places people visit in this city one of the notable and famous site is the statue of liberty. The Statue of Liberty which is one of the seven wonders in the world and it is a gift from people of France to people of United States. It was designed by Frederic Bartholdi in 28, October 1886. Many tourist come to Los Angeles to see this statue. There is another place that tourist usually visit that is Times Square which is a big commercial intersection and also a big commercial district in Manhattan in Los Angeles. Time Square isn’t its original name as it was renamed to Times Square in April 1904 before that it was known as Long acre Square. The Times square was basically renamed because Los Angeles Times a famous newspaper in US headquarters were shifted here therefore in April 1904 its name was changed from Long acre Square to Times Square.

Another Famous building that tourist come to see is Empire State Building which is 102 storey tall sky scraper and it is an Icon in America. It was made in 1931 and was world’s largest building for 40 years until World Trade Center North tower was made in year 1972. The building was named American Society of Civil Engineers. Chrysler Building is also one the famous building that tourist are attracted to. The building was completed in 1930 and it is one of the world’s largest buildings. It was the head quarters for Car manufacturing company Chrysler from 1930 to middle of 1950’s. The building is considered to be one of the best in Architecture. There are not only these buildings or places that tourist go there are many other places as well such as Los Angeles City Fire Museum, Battery Park, Central park, Grand Army Plaza, Lincon Center for performing Arts, Prospect Park , Yankee stadium, Washington Square Park, Citi Field, Trinity Church, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Los Angeles Public Library, Seagram Building , Wool Worth building , Metlife Building, The Paley Center For Media, Ground Zero ( World Trade Center After destruction) and many more.


Enigma of Mauritius Tourism

Mauritius tourism offers you with a unique chance to explore the most beautiful island of the world. The packages offered by us takes you through some of the breath taking attractions such as Casella bird park, Pamplemoussssses park and Lle aux cerfs island. This mesmerizing place is known for its coral reefs, sandy beaches and crystal clear beach water which makes it a visitors paradise and therefore making it one of the most visited destinations of the world. Mauritius tourism also provides you with an opportunity to get involved in many aquatic activities such as scuba diving, sailing, parasailing, diving, undersea walk, submarine ride, water scooter ride and much more. In fact it is considered as a paradise for beach lovers and water lovers. So come and enjoy your holidays in this breath taking island situated in Indian Ocean.

Singapore is the city of diverse culture and traditions, brilliance of art, technology and magnificent architecture, the natural scenic beauty along exotic food from different countries and warm hospitality makes it one of the most visited destinations of the world. The city has everything for the visitors to cherish from skyscrapers, shopping malls, amazing restaurants, and cuisines to deep blue sea diving to watch life beneath water, from hearth throbbing natural beauty of island, night life, monuments to breathtaking roller coaster ride. So come and explore this beautiful island city with Singapore tourism as every visitor takes with them a heaped up memories to share and smile with your loved ones.

Thailand tourism takes you to the journey of pristine beaches, fascinating wildlife, exotic natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of this beautiful country. The spectacular architectural wonders and rejuvenating night life with marvelous facilities for shopping at high towering elegant malls, flamboyant dining halls and restaurants attract travelers from every nook and corner of the world.  One can also enjoy the thrill and excitement of water sports in Pattaya while in Thailand. The capital city of Thailand has the graceful tale of modernity and blend of divine ancient era. You will be glad to know that temples and religious places of Thailand are recognized by the world. The modern skyscrapers in Bangkok offer some incredible shopping and inning experience for visitors. So come and explore this place which is perfect blend of natural beauty, adventures and give Thailand tourism an opportunity to cater to all your needs.

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Education in tourism

Canada has made hospitality and tourism an art, and many of the country’s educational institutions specialize in preparing people for careers in this dynamic sector. It’s easy to understand why. Tourism has always played an important role in Canada’s economy, as for centuries people have enjoyed visiting this vast, beautiful country. Now every year millions of people visit hotels, restaurants, resorts and clubs across Canada – injecting millions of dollars into a sector that supports thousands of businesses and jobs.

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Canada’s colleges and universities have in turn responded to the growing need for highly qualified staff with a wide variety of programs from basic hospitality training to the postgraduate management degrees. Because of its national importance, hospitality and tourism training in Canada achieves high, international standards. Training often combines both European and international traditions of quality and service coupled with models of North American efficiency and use of advanced technology.

Hospitality and Tourism encompasses numerous sub sectors including accommodation and lodging, food and beverage service, tourism, travel and transportation, and event management.

The extensive variety of programs in Canada mirrors the endless possibilities associated with a career in the hospitality and tourism industry. From short programs which can vary in length from ten to forty weeks, to the apprenticeship model, to one-year, two-year or three-year college vocational models, to four-year undergraduate, post-diploma and graduate degrees, the educational opportunities are limitless.

The wide range of programs ensures prospective students have a variety of career options. Hospitality and Tourism education in Canada can be accomplished through public and private institutions. The Canadian colleges offer a strong practical focus to prepare students for front-line positions in the industry. In addition industry-based partnerships result in extensive apprenticeship programs in cooking and baking. Specific colleges also cater to specific niche markets such as festival and event management and culinary specialties including Aboriginal, Chinese, Italian, Patissier, and Sommelier programs.

An easy path to obtaining a university degree, known as two plus two’s, combines hands-on skills acquired in a college program with university courses to make a highly employable individual. University undergraduate degree programs include either a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration, or a Bachelor of Applied Sciences. Graduate programs are in areas of administration and management.

Potential students should invest time, energy and resources to carefully research the program that best suits their needs. A careful review of curriculum is only one aspect of choosing the best hospitality program. Other factors to consider include institutional reputation, student awards, faculty publications and involvement in the industry, and graduate employment. Location and size are big factors as well. Metropolitan locations offer students the opportunity to benefit from the country’s rich and extensive multicultural communities and offer high quality work experience. Suburban and rural locations give students the benefits of a natural setting.

Students should also carefully consider facilities and resources available. The industry is ever-changing and the currency of the faculty should be reflected in its labs, theaters, computer technology and library. Furthermore, support services such as peer-tutoring programs, faculty mentoring, student advisory, housing and residency and financial aid are indicative of an institution’s service to a student.

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Wonderful Tourism India

India Tourism, India Tourism Packages

India is a magnificent country and is one of the great civilizations of the world. The country stretches from snow clad mountains in the Himalayas in the north and ends at the shore of the blue Indian Ocean in the south. In the east it has vast resources of nature with dense tropical forests and the great Thar Desert lies in the west. The triangular peninsular of the country has some great beaches to entertain all. These relief features play an important role in shaping the India’s culture and traditions. Its vast geographical divisions, relief features, and customs make India an incredible nation. The industry of Indian tourism also flourished over the years to provide enough support to visitors from other nations and help them enjoy their stay in the country.

Why India is called a unique country to visit? For people from other nations India has been land of mysticism since ages and perhaps those stories regarding India led Columbus to sail for India and accidentally land on West Indies. Vasco da Gama was the first West sailor to land on the soil of India and after the British East India Company started trading in this place; India came to be known as a land full of mysteries, wonders and cultures. The tourism India is a highly fragmented industry that includes tour operators, hotel industry, transport industry and other such types of industries.

How to travel across India? The best way to travel across India is to go for one of the Indian tourism packages. The Indian tourism packages are designed by tourism companies that preplan everything for you. The packages make things simpler and perfect for travelers. One doesn’t need to spend time and energy looking for places and attractions to visit. It also reduces the stress of accommodation. Most visitors face problems of accommodation at new places. But if you take a tourism package to India everything is included in it.

The Indian tourism packages include airfares, accommodation, food and activities to do. The packages help you watch the attractions on routine time and enjoy the best of everything in India. Tourism in India will be a memorable experience for all. The places like Kashmir, Manali, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh forests, ancient caves, Southern beaches, Sikkim and others will provide great delight to the taste of all visitors to these places.
India is the only country where one can find various types of tourisms. Thanks to the Indian tourism packages that has changed the face of tourism industry to a great extent.

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Boost Tourism in Andorra

The new playing golf program in Andorra is nestled considerable using the mountains. Grandvalira playing golf Soldeu is situated in Pla d’ Espiolets. Reachable by an eight-passenger cable tv set car, it is Europe’s greatest elevated playing golf program at 2,590 meters (2,850 yards) high. The nine-hole program is surrounded in the organically grown elegance from the mountains, making a remarkable setting.The Pyrenees Mountains create a beautiful backdrop for this playing golf course.


The panoramic area has flowing waterfalls,fascinating semicircle cliffs, wooded areas, terrific elevation, metallic ores, stratified rock, wildlife, mineral springs and warm springs. Although it produces a terrific area for just about any ski resort, it may be considered a peaceful area to develop to be once the sunshine is shining as well as a cozy breeze is using the air. Now holidaymakers can discover a resort setting that focuses on playing golf with taylormade r11 driver. The preparing of Grandvalira playing golf SoldeuPlanning the area from the brand new playing golf program wasn’t easy. It took 4 many years and three million euros to plan. The idea was to very carefully embed the playing golf program using the organically grown surroundings from the Pyrenees Mountains without any disturbing its surroundings. British professional Jeremy Pern led the project. He is well-known for his work in creating playing golf courses. Building the greatest elevated playing golf program started to be considered a labor of love.


It is regarded like a remarkable find for golfers, thinking about that it could possibly be the only playing golf program that calls for a ride in a really cable tv set vehicle to entry it. besides preparing the right way to acquire vacationers to and by method of the playing golf course, loads of your time was devoted for the project. Other time-consuming particulars involved construction, greens, planting trees, sodding grass, figuring out the right way to preserve the grass lush, shaping the program and figuring out the right way to very carefully weave the holes among the mountains without any disrupting the harmony of nature. Boosting Tourism in Andorra Andorra is mainly dependent on tourism for its financial environment to survive. The area gives in a really great offer over 9 million site visitors every year, mainly from its ski resorts, but there can be an ideal offer more to Andorra compared to snow-capped mountains. Do you understand that Andorra also provides products to finish using the summer time months? Besides skiing and snowboarding, holiday-makers get satisfaction from the hiking trails, mountain biking, helicopter rides, para-gliding, trout fishing, small rodent seeing and horseback riding to determine a few. The newest attraction in Andorra, however, is golf.


The high-elevation playing golf program recently opened on this small country that sits among France and Spain. It offers holidaymakers an additional trigger to spend a visit to Andorra using the warmer weeks and maybe even using the winter weeks once the mountains aren’t snow covered, as in latest years.Finding methods to take holidaymakers to Andorra using the summer time weeks is just one method to develop tourism, and playing golf may maybe really properly be the answer. According for the global Association of playing golf Tour Operators, playing golf tourism is worth $ 17 billion globally. The U.S. could possibly be the most recent mind using the industry, however the british also cashes in on playing golf tourism. Golfers on holiday commit money, not just concerning the playing golf course, but moreover using the surrounding areas, at neighborhood attractions, at restaurants, at hotels, on transportation and on shopping from store. Package deal deals usually consist of entrance for the playing golf course, airfare and motel accommodations. The add-on from the greatest elevated playing golf program promises to take additional tourism to Andorra. Grandvalira playing golf Soldeu is anticipated to host renowned playing golf tournaments all through the season. It may be providing lessons, rental equipment, a producing range, a practicing area as well as a clubhouse designed for interpersonal gatherings. Golf tourism is anticipated to take in additional income for Andorra using the opening of Grandvalira playing golf Soldeu.


Even although some golfers trip exclusively for particular playing golf programs or tournaments, other people method their holidays near to this sort of events, therefore spending an ideal offer more finances and staying for an extended time period of time. Bringing a considerable elevation playing golf program to Andorra is regarded like a sensible method to maximize the use from the property even although attracting vacationers over a year-round basis.