Travel To Tel Aviv

When you want to see the beautiful country of Israel, you cannot possibly miss out on seeing Tel Aviv, the nations second most populous city. With so much to see and so much to do, it is very unlikely that you would want to go elsewhere if you plan on having a good time and enjoying what the nation has to offer. Besides being of cultural and historical significance, the place is considered to be a top destination to check out and possibly learn a little more about. Listed below are some aspects of travel in Tel Aviv and how to get the most out of the place when you do visit it.

Tel Aviv Hotels

There are a lot of different hotels in Tel Aviv for you to pick out from, depending on what your budget might be. Being a tourist friendly destination, the options are quite a few, which includes some known brands like Hilton and Sheraton. In addition, there are also many other hotels out here namely the Sun City hotel, Golden Beach Hotel, Leonardo group of Hotels, Crowne Plaza Hotel and Hotel Moterfiore amongst others. Each hotel is carefully placed in a significant area and has its own set of benefits and advantages to offer.

Tel Aviv Attractions

The city plays host to over 1.5 million tourists annually. Hence, there is no shortage of things to do and sights to see. Some of the popular Tel Aviv Attractions include the Hayarkon Park, Dozengoff Mall, Multiple museums and lots of architectural sites to see. For those that enjoy the nightlife and clubbing, the promenade is considered to be a popular area to check out and learn more about the different things that the city has to offer. There are also a ton of restaurants to pick out from, each that offers their own version of a cuisine and something that you are guaranteed to like.

The city is revered for its large number of museums, which is reputed to be the largest per capita of any city in the world. Popular museums include the EretzIsrale Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art as well as the Palmach Museum. There are also multiple theaters worth checking out in the city, which is reputed to have a very good collection when it comes to local arts and entertainment. The Habima Theater, Cameri Theater and the Frederic R Mann Theater are some of the popular theaters that are worth checking out here.

Tel Aviv Nightlife

In addition to checking out Tel Avivs beaches, you should also check out the Tel Aviv nightlife. With a reputation for being the city that never sleeps, you can be rest assured of having a good time any night of the week here. Nightclubs routinely remain open up until 5 AM or so. Popular night spots include Mikes Place, Mendalimos, The English Bar as well as Molly Blooms Irish Pub. You should find the nightlife here to be rather unique and one of a kind, which is why so many tourists regularly flock to this place every year.

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